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The CAS Subbuteo development policy is guided by “CAS Contract with Africa”, a strategic blueprint development program launched in 2017.
Under this program, CAS is committed to empower its Member Associations by providing them support through the following three pillars of development:

  1. Grassroots
  2. Human Resources
  3. Infrastructures  

The above pillars are enhanced and improved thanks to a pro-active secretariat, which role is also to liaise on a regular basis with every member association and provide the relevant support to increase and optimize the use of available resources. The first phase of the CAS Contract with Africa was achieved between 2017 and 2019, whereby each CAS member association benefited from a grant of USD xxxnumber to improve its current infrastructures and develop its Subbuteo at the national and local levels.

In addition to the provision of financial resources, the CAS Contract with Africa aims at creating a cascading effect of knowledge transfer to all levels in African Subbuteo, from the continental level to the regional and then national level through efficient communication between the Confederation and its members. 

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